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Shipping costs

The prices quoted on the product pages are net prices exclusive of VAT, shipping and customs charges, incl. other price components. We charge the following shipping costs in addition to the indicated prices:

Andorra: UPS (6 working days)37,60 EUR*
Austria: UPS (4 working days)20,60 EUR*
Belgium: UPS (3 working days)12,20 EUR*
Bulgaria: UPS (7 working days)24,00 EUR*
Croatia: UPS (7 working days)19,20 EUR*
Czech Republic:UPS (3 working days)12,20 EUR*
Denmark: UPS (3 working days)12,20 EUR*
Estonia: UPS (7 working days)24,00 EUR*
Finland: UPS (4 working days)20,60 EUR*
Germany:UPS (1-2 working days)0,00 EUR*
Greece: UPS (5 working days)27,20 EUR*
Hungary: UPS (7 working days)24,00 EUR*
Latvia UPS (7 working days)24,00 EUR*
Lithuania: UPS (7 working days)24,00 EUR*
Luxembourg: UPS (3 working days)12,20 EUR*
Monaco: UPS (4 working days)20,60 EUR*
Netherlands:UPS (3 working days)12,20 EUR*
Norway: UPS (6 working days)37,60 EUR*
Poland: UPS (3 working days)19,20 EUR*
Portugal: UPS (5 working days)27,20 EUR*
Romania: UPS (7 working days)24,00 EUR*
Slovakia: UPS (7 working days)19,20 EUR*
Slowenia: UPS (7 working days)19,20 EUR*
Spain: UPS (5 working days)27,20 EUR*
Sweden: UPS (4 working days)20,60 EUR*

* All prices without VAT.

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