Closed Loop Control

PROFINET for AZ Series

• Built-in Protective Functions
• Monitoring Functions
• Support Software MEXE02 for Parameter Setting
• 24 VDC or 230 VAC power supply input

SB New Motion Vol. 62  EN - EU

New Motion,
our technical magazin

Always up to date

•  Energy Saving
   with Motors and Drivers from Oriental Motor

BLV-R Series EN

Advanced Automation

Brushless Motors BLV Series R Type

• Compact and lightweight Brushless DC Motors
• High-power, Wide Speed Range, Smooth Motion
• Positioning Operation
• Modbus (RTU), CANopen Communication




K2S 200 W EN

Induction Motors

KIIS Series 200 W - Frame Size 110 mm

• Parallel Shaft Gearhead, Round Shaft Type and
  Right-Angle Hollow Shaft Gearhead
• The speed is calculated by dividing the motor's synchronous speed.
  (50 Hz: 1500 r/min, 60 Hz: 1800 r/min) by the gear ratio.
• The actual speed is a maximum of 10% less, depending on the load.