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1.8°, 0.72° and 0.36° basic step angle
Stepper Motor and Driver Packages with DC Power Supply

Reduces vibration and noise

Low Vibration

1.8° 2-phase Stepper Motors and Pulse Input Drivers

1.8° motor and driver packages providing high torque in the low-speed range. With Oriental Motor’s new winding design and high-efficiency driver circuit design, the performance has been brought to their full potential, resulting in significant increases, especially in torque at lower speed ranges. In particular, torque in the 250 r/min range has been increased by 50% compared to conventional products allowing for quicker moves. Vibration and noise have been greatly reduced compared to conventional 1.8° stepper motor performance.


Torque Characteristics
The maximum holding torque has increased with a bipolar winding
Vibration Characteristics
The vibration characteristics have been significantly improved across all speed ranges with the fully digital-controlled microstep driver.

VERY low Vibration

0.72° and 0.36° Stepper Motor 5-phase Stepper Motors and Pulse Input Drivers

0.72° and 0.36° motor and driver packages have higher torque in the upper speed ranges. With Oriental Motor’s advanced technology and microstepping performance, even improved positional accuracy, lower vibration and noise can be achieved easily. Torque in the 500 r/min range has increased up to 85% compared to conventional products. In addition, the fully digital-controlled microstep driver has further improved the low vibration and noise reduction factors.


Torque Characteristics
By adopting a higher current motor winding specification, the usage range is now much wider.
Vibration Characteristics
Lower vibration and further noise reductions have been achieved through the use of a fully digital-controlled microstep driver.

SUPERIOR System Performance

Motor technology in comparison

It can be summarized, that the maximum holding torque in the low-speed range is achieved with the 1.8° 2-phase stepper motors and driver packages through the use of a high motor current design and specification. The speed range has increased considerably with the 0.72°and 0.36° 5-phase motor in comparison to the 1.8° motor.
Motor technology in comparison
point 1 description
Emphasize maximum holding torque and high rated torque in the low speed range.
point 2 description
Provides high torque in the higher speed range.

Low Vibration with Full-Time Microstepping

Low vibration and noise reduction have been achieved across all speed ranges by significantly improving the vibration level with the use of a fully digitalcontrolled full-time microstep driver. The 0.72° and 0.36° 5-phase CVK Series has further improved vibration characteristic.

Vibration Characteristics of a
conventional stepper motor

Low Vibration with Full-Time Microstepping

CVK Series Vibration characteristics for 0.72°/0.36° stepper motors have been significantly improved.

Low Vibration with Full-Time Microstepping
point 1 description

Reduced Vibration

The new smooth drive control with advanced current control increases the basic step angle to a maximum resolution of 2048. As a result, a reduction in step vibration in the lowspeed range is achieved.
point 2 description

Vibration Suppression Control

Common vibration that occurs in the mid-speed range has been suppressed. This enables more stable torque characteristics.

For High accuracy demands it is recommended to use a 0.72°/0.36° Stepper Motor

In general, stopping accuracy tends to be lower during microstep operation* than full step operation and this effect is more noticeable in a 1.8° motor. In this situation, using a CVK Series 0.72°/0.36° stepper motor enables a higher positioning accuracy.

Full Step

For a General 1.8° Stepper Motor
For a General 1.8° Stepper Motor


Reduces stopping accuracy.
For a General 1.8° Stepper Motor
High positioning accuracy is now possible with 0.72°/0.36° stepper motors and drivers of CVK Series
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Does not reduce stopping accuracy
For a General 1.8° Stepper Motor

EASY Installation and Wiring

There's a Wide Choice with 1.8° and 0.72°/0.36° Stepper Motors and Pulse Input Drivers

The size, installation and I/O connectors for the CVK Series 1.8° and 0.72°/0.36° motor and driver packages are the same. Because of this, it is easy to evaluate and select the proper package for the requirement.
For a General 1.8° Stepper Motor

Smallest Driver size in its class

Actual Size

CVK Size

Driver Switches

Component Functions
number 1
Reference filter selection switch
number 2
Step angle selection switch
number 3
Smooth drive function switch
number 4
POWER LED and alarm LED indicator (Protective function)
number 5
Operation current setting switch
16-level digital setting
number 6
Step angle setting switch Max.
resolution 125000 P/R

2-Phase 1.8° and 5-Phase 0.72°/0.36° Stepper Motor Packages have similar price

In addition to improving the performance and function of the CVK Series, prices have been revised as well. Now, the price difference between a 1.8° and a 0.72°/0.36° stepper units is minimal.
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