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The new connector type in the compact, high-efficiency BMU Series, directly connects the motor and driver together. Smart wiring and water resistance performance (degree of protection IP66) have been achieved.
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NexBL is the new brushless motor from Oriental Motor. The entire motor structure has been redesigned in an effort to maximize the required performance. Unprecedented compact size, high power, and high efficiency.

EASY Configuration

Easy Operation

Turn & Press

Turn & Press
Turn the dial and set to the desired speed. The speed can be set just by pressing the dial.


Can be easily driven and stopped with the operating switch on the front. There is no need to provide a switch externally.

Switching the Rotation Direction

Switching the Rotation Direction
The motor's rotation direction can be switched with the rotation direction switch. It can even be changed during operation.

Easy Wiring

Direct Connection to the Motor

Direct Connection to the Motor
Easy connection between the motor and connection cable by inserting the connector and lowering the lock lever. Newly designed for small motors.

Easy Connection on the Driver Side too

Easy Connection on the Driver Side too
The driver connector is a small format connector that easily passes through flexible conduits and cable glands.

The Power and I/O Connectors Feature a Screwless Connector

The Power and I/O Connectors Feature a Screwless Connector
Connection to the power connector and I/O connector do not require any special crimp tools or soldering. Just insert the lead wire.

Easy Assembly

The Combination Type has a New Gearhead

The Combination Type has a New Gearhead
The gearhead has improved gearmotor coupling accuracy due to the use of boss and installation surface cutting. It also produces less noise than conventional products. The combination type comes with the motor and gearhead already assembled, making assembly in the equipment easy.

Connector Type Features

A connector has been newly developed for small motors. Direct connection between the motor and driver is now possible. Together with the improved motor structure, watertight and dust-resistant performance has also been increased, achieving a motor protection level of IP66.

New Connector

The gasket and O-ring are built-in, improving water ingress protection. A lock lever system which does not require screw fitting is employed, making connection easy.
Connector Structure
Connector Structure
Installation Method
Connector Structure

Directly Connect the Motor and Driver

Can be connected up to 10 m max. with no relay. Cable relay processing is unnecessary. The power line, signal line, and ground wire are all contained in one cable, reducing wiring work.
Directly Connect the Motor and Driver

Select the Cable Pull-out Direction

Two cable pull-out direction options are available on geared type to suit the equipment.
Cable Pull-out Direction
Pull-out on output shaft side Pull-out on rear of the motor

Stainless Steel Shaft in standard configuration

EURONORM X 10 CrNiS 18 9, which has excellent anti-rust and anticorrosion properties, is used for the shaft. Stainless steel is also used for the parallel key and installation screws.
Stainless Steel Shaft

WIDE Speed control range

Brushless motors don't have brushes, which are the weak point of DC motors, so they create little noise and are maintenance-free. Since they use a permanent magnet, they are compact, high-power, and high-efficiency.

Broad Speed Control Range

Brushless motors have a broader range of speed control than AC speed control motors and inverters. They are suitable for applications that require constant torque from low speed to high speed.

Product Group Speed Control Range Speed Ratio
Brushless Motors
BMU Series
80∼4000 r/min 1:50
Three-Phase Induction Motor
200∼2400 r/min 1:12
AC Speed Control
50 Hz : 90∼1400 r/min
60 Hz : 90∼1600 r/min

Stable Speed Control is Possible

Brushless motors constantly monitor feedback signals from the motor, compared with the setting speed, and adjust the applied voltage. This means that the motor rotates at a stable speed from low speed to high speed, even if the load changes.
Comparison of Speed Variation at 80% Load Factor (Reference value)
Stable Speed Control

Slim, Light, High Power

Brushless motors contain a permanent magnet in the rotor, so they are slim, lightweight, and provide high-power. This contributes to equipment downsizing.
Showing the space saving potential
Slim, Light, High Power

Contributes to Equipment Energy Savings

Brushless motors contain a permanent magnet in the rotor, inhibiting secondary rotor loss and greatly reducing power consumption. This helps the equipment to save energy.
Energy Saving potential illustrated
Slim, Light, High Power
at net frequency 50 Hz

ENHANCED Control Possibilities

Speed Indicator

Speed Indicator
Displays the motor speed in 1 r/min resolution. By calculating the conveyor gear ratio and setting gear ratio parameters, the conveyor transportation speed can be displayed in m/s. The conveyor transportation speed can be confirmed directly.

Load Factor Indicator

Load Factor Indicator
With the rated torque of the motor at 100% as a reference value, the load factor can be expressed as a percentage (40∼200%). The load condition during start-up, as well as the load condition due to the age deterioration of the equipment, can be confirmed. The figure shows a load factor of 50%.

Protective Functions

Protective Functions
Provides various protective functions, such as an overload- and overvoltage protection function. When a protective function activates, the alarm code is displayed on the indicator and an alarm signal is displayed.This simplifies troubleshooting.

4-Speed Operation

4-Speed Operation
4-speed operation is possible by setting the data to operating data slots No.0, No.1, No.2 or No.3, and switching the digital inputs of the M0 and M1 terminals.

Set the Acceleration/Deceleration Time

Acceleration time and deceleration time settings can be adjusted with the acceleration/deceleration time potentiometer, as well as digitally set.
Setting Range:
0.0∼15.0 sec (initial value: 0.5 sec)
In the case for digital setting, acceleration and deceleration time can be independently set, so times can be freely set by fine-tuning shock alleviation when the load has started and stopped, together with cycle time.

Various functions can be set by opening the front panel of the driver.

open panel
number 1
  MODE Key Changes the operating mode.
number 1
  FUNCTION Key Changes the indication and functions for the operating mode.
number 1
  Acceleration/Deceleration Time Potentiometer
These functions that can be set while the front panel is opened
Basic functions are available even when the front cover is attached
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