Gesamtkatalog 2017/2018 EN






header banner AZ mit 10%

Savings with the new AZ Series

Equipped with Battery-Free
Absolute Sensor

• Save on an extra sensor and wiring
• Save costs of purchase
• Save set up time

RK2 Banner UK

RKII Series

New 0.72°Stepper Motor and Driver Packages

• High-efficiency with Low Price
• Reduces power consumption by up to 47%
• Shorten Positioning Time
• High Accurate Positioning
• Compact and High Torque


header banner dg2 mit 10%

DGII Series

With Built-in AZ Series
Battery-Free Absolute Sensor

• Large-Diameter Hollow Output Table
• High Accuracy and Quick Positioning
• High Torque and High Rigidity
• Save Costs, Time and Extras with the AZ Series Motor